Welcome to my portfolio page


Welcome to my new portfolio site, here you will find posts about the work that I have done, or am currently doing. In the future you’ll also be able to find my blog here, once I have something worthwhile to write about. So have a look around, and send me any thoughts, critiques or questions that you might have.

  • Role Designer

The first domain I ever owned was Beardoes.com, it was really stupid name for my portfolio. But when I clicked that buy and became the proud owner of beardoes, I couldn’t have been more proud. I thought that it was a hilarious name – because it sounded kinda like “weirdos” (except spelled all wrong) and I had a beard. The problem (beyond how terrible the joke was) was that I couldn’t get the proper dos spelling, meaning that I was left explaining to people that the name wasn’t Bear Does, but rather what sounded like a strange expression of teenage angst.

The site itself was cobbled together in Textpattern, another, glaringly, clear misstep. After eventually taking down the website in shame, I’ve been without a personal portfolio site for a very long time. So I thought that it was time to scrundle something together.

I designed the website to be simple, straightforward and purpose-driven. It incorporates some of the color functions and principals developed during the creation of Panopticon. It is also inspired by Admir Hadzic’s fantastic homepage, whose personal website and work frankly puts us all to shame.

So please, take a gander, have a look around, at the website which I designed to be the exact opposite of Beardoes.com.

P.S I checked the Wayback Machine, there is only a broken html shell left of Beardoes, so phew I guess.