Isaac is a developer and designer from Sweden.

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I am a developer and designer who grew up in Sweden and who spends his time in one European country or another (Usually Sweden or Scotland). I am a graduate of the University of Glasgow, studying Digital Media & Information Studies, alongside History of Art. I’ve worked with a wide variety of different clients, doing a mixture of front-end and back-end work, largely in html, css, javascript and PHP. But I have been known to dabble. I am personally responsible for a mixture of sites ranging from business websites, to music review sites, to social networks and a lot of dumb goof sites.

Non-professionally, I am a Swedish-German-American. But, I am only professionally proficient in English and Swedish. For the past two years I have been studying Italian through some truly spectacular teachers, so I am hoping to become fully proficient in that too. I am a mandolinist, the secret author of the Adventures of Pontius the Barbarian, an aspiring horchata-maker and lover of Star Trek – a tinkerer, tailorer, developerer.